Friday, March 15, 2013

Jackson Chameleon Model

These are some test renders I did for my Jackson Chameleon model. Really tried to get a simple beautiful lighting without worrying about accuracy to a chameleon's true environment, which might be a little greener. Hope to later go more in depth with the process I went through to get to the final results. I still have more ways to take this further from a texturing standpoint. I might take the uvs into photoshop and paint a diffuse map for his scales.

These are the normal & displacement maps that contain all the scale detail information.

Pose and displacement tests.

Lighting tests using Physical Sun and Sky, but I tweaked the settings!

Tested some shaders for the chameleon using mia_Material_x. Branch (aka elongated cylinder) with Noise procedural displacement.

Caveman and Dog Model Renders

These are renders of my finished caveman model and dog model. The caveman came a long way from just the zsculpt.