Monday, June 3, 2013

Loved The Thing, Alien, Starship Troopers? Then Back This Practical FX Creature Film On Kickstarter!

So this is not a post relating to my artwork. However, this is related to an artform in general.

Practical FX! 

I grew up wanting to do this stuff, then I developed a new passion for art in the digital realm. I still would love one day to work on props, getting my hands dirty with silicon and clay, mold making, and creating animatronics.

That is why I donated (a pretty hefty amount for my budget) to make sure that the Harbinger Down project gets funded. ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.) is responsible for making the monsters and creatures. They helped bring to life Alien, The Thing, The 6th Day, Jumanji, Spiderman, and many more! I believe a great FX film cannot be great without a good balance of practical and visual/digital FX.

Please, if you have any dollar to spare, it will go to supporting a movement of a wonderful medium that gave us so much in film. You also don't donate without getting rewards! =D Check it out and see if there's really a way to escape from contributing, cause I couldn't :/ lol.

Here is their first pitch on launching the Kickstarter project. Alec Gillis of ADI also talks about some of the work they've done. It's pretty sweet.

Check out ADI's Youtube channel: