Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hard(l)y Done... Lawless Hardy 2.0 - Face Update 2

And here we go again.

Almost another year.

I'm doing a great job at sticking to a blog post once a year...

As much as I would like to post every so often, I am compelled to keep tinkering behind the curtain until my work is all done. However, I think it is unfair to keep my progress to myself and I am certain that sharing it could benefit others in someway and be helpful to those in the process of working on something similar.

Here are a few screenshots of Tom Hardy in his latest digital state...

I never clearly stated one of the main purposes of this project. It is an ongoing project to track my progress in achieving a hyper realistic computer-generated human being - A goal I hope to accomplish. So this is practically a milestone project, if you will.

Tom Hardy is probably the best candidate for this since he is an actor who is so well photographed and filmed. It is also a plus that I am an immense fan of him, his acting, and his films and that he is a charming fellow which makes staring at his face for hours on end to sculpt and replicate the details all the more enjoyable! (Sorry if that sounds creepy. Welcome to character likeness art!)

Throughout this project, I expect to gain an understanding of how to accurately replicate real world objects and people digitally. I hope to then be able to create fantastical photorealistic characters and environments of my own and ultimately surpass the uncanny valley to reach that sought out level of true realism... which has impressively already been achieved by artists, movies, and commercials. Thankfully, there are constant technical leaps and achievements happening in the world of visual effects and computer graphics hardware and software to make that goal more attainable than ever. With that said, this project has a long way to go before it reaches its end, but until then, it's one great big work in progress until I get there.

Thanks for reading! Please comment if you have any questions. As this was more of a general update, I might possibly do a more in-depth breakdown in the near future.


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